Center Gravity
An egg-shaped golf ball that helps putting alignment

Centergravity 1
Centergravity 2

Review Summary

The Center Gravity Golf Ball is an interesting egg-shaped golf ball that helps putters with alignment, stroke, and impact. It's theory is on-point, but in practice, it plays very difficult. Our staff had a lot of difficulty putting it straight, which is a testament to its design. But, more impatient putters will find it frustrating to adjust to its feedback. A good buy for hardcore putters looking to really improve their putting stroke.

Golfstronaut's Take

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When we first received our golf balls from Center Gravity, we were very excited. And boy, does the company deliver on packaging. The 2 balls come in a high-quality box, that would look beautiful and be perfect as a gift for any golfer. Once we opened the box, we were quick to take the 2 egg-shaped golf balls out of the box and take it for a test drive.

The Center Gravity Golf Ball is a beautifully-designed golf ball. You can tell there was good craftsmanship in the design of it, and the company spent some time with packaging. The quality of the ball feels just like a regular average golf ball, and the logo and print on it seems like it will hold up in the long-run.

Once we took a few putts with it, we quickly noticed that it really gives great feedback. We were hardpressed to putt straight with the egg, and even with adjustments, it would always roll off-center. We looked closer to its shape, and the bottom of the egg is so narrow that we agreed that even the most square putter would find it difficult to putt it straight.

However, some of our staff writers appreciated the small-margin-of-error to this practice aid. They spent hours with it, hoping to consistently hit it straight. So, we took a poll, and half of our team loved it, and half lost patience very quickly. Only you can determine which side of this coin you end up on. The 2-ball set comes at a steep price of $39.95 USD. Because of this price, we had to knock it 1 notch down in our overall review. This is definitely a premium price for 2 golf balls, but we guess worth it if you are a putting-maniac and want to continue to improve at whatever means possible.

  • Unforgiving for the perfectionist putter
  • Cute design and well-made / high-quality design
  • Instant feedback on putting stroke impact
  • Unforgiving for the impatient putter
  • Undecided whether how true the roll is
  • Expensive for 2 golf balls