Tee Claw
A gadget to use a real tee on synthetic turf mats

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Review Summary

The Tee Claw is a clever little gadget that lets you use real tees on mats at the driving range. We immediately noticed the difference in sound and feel off our drivers on our first hit off the Tee Claw. Admittedly, we also found ourselves the recipient of a few stares from neighboring hitting stations as we continued to tee it up using real tees. The only trouble we had was some difficulty strapping in the lanyard to the Tee-Claw, and also having enough short tees for the correct driver tee height. (We ended up having to snap a few regular-sized tees in half). Other than that, a worthwhile purchase for the range rat.

Golfstronaut's Take

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We know that many golfers are restricted to synthetic mats during the off-season, so when we caught wind of the Tee-Claw, we were not only excited, but also intrigued about how we can finally ditch those dreaded rubber tees. We can all relate to the rubber tees that are just a bit too high, or a bit too low, or the ones that just don't feel right when you thought you hit it right. Nonetheless, we put the Tee Claw to the test at our local driving range and were pleasantly surprised.

When we first opened the box, it was pretty clear how the Tee Claw worked. Included are several lanyards with a loop on each end, and a Tee Claw. We immediately took 1 end of the lanyard and tried to loop it through the underside of the claw. Unfortunately, the loop is very small in relation to the claw nob, but after some maneuvering, we were able to get it on. We tied the other end to a tee, and off we went. We stuck the tee-end underneath the range mat, and turned the claw into the mat. Bam - very simple set up. We put in a regular-sized 2.75" tee but found that it was way too high, even for a beginner golfer. So, we snapped the tee in half, and we were ready to go. We'd recommend buying a bag of 1" tees with the Tee Claw as the claw has a fixed bottom position, so you're left with a higher-than-normal tee placement. It's one of our few gripes with the Tee Claw - we wished they would have manipulated the claw so that the normal 2.75" tee would already fit at the correct height.

But, once we were ready and took a few swings, that's really when the magic begins. As soon as you hit your first ball off a Tee Claw, you immediately notice the difference between hitting off a real tee and a rubber tee. We must admit that we've been at the range awhile, and we must have gotten used to the rubber tees because we didn't think it would make a material difference. But, a few more swings off the Tee Claw, and were convinced. It was such a difference in sound, and feel with our driver hits. Some of our staff even smirked at how we ever got along with those rubber tees!

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  • Better driver feedback on mat
  • Multiple uses, including alignment
  • Small footprint in the bag
  • Short tees will be needed (regular 2.75 are too long)
  • Lanyards are a little cumbersome to put on
  • We wish the claw would claw a little deeper into the mat